Extract Cleaning

Before we start any duct cleaning work we conduct a full survey to identify any areas that may be difficult to access. If any problem areas are found, new access panels may need to be created to ensure that we can perform the deepest clean, in turn, making it easier to clean difficult areas the next time we visit. We then pay meticulous attention during preparation so we do not contaminate other areas when we come to clean. Our team follow a well structured process to ensure that every part of your ducting is cleaned. We provide you with photographic and video evidence of your ducting so you can be assured it is properly cleaned.


Why is Extractor Fan Cleaning Necessary?

A correctly maintained Extraction Fan has many benefits:
•       Safe and comfortable temperature for work
•       Safe noise level – appropriate level of communication
•       Prolonged lifespan
•       Reduced vulnerability – (70% of kitchen fires start in the extraction canopies/ductwork)
•       Eco Friendly business
•       To comply with Insurance & Fire Regulations (see below)


How Often is Extract Cleaning Needed?

Extraction cleaning is an Irish legal requirement. The workplace must carry out a risk assessment of extraction cleaning, once every 3, to 6 to 12 months (see below). All work standards conform to the Food Safety Acts and are in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. TR19 regulation and risk assessments compliant. We provide both a photographic report and certificate to comply with Building & Engineering Services standards. The need for specialist cleaning of ventilation systems will depend on the level of usage, types and quantity of food and other risk factors such as venerability of the system to ignite and affect building occupants.


Cleaning Schedule:

Heavy Use - 12 to 16 Hours per day - 3 Month Cleaning Needed

Moderate Use - 6 to 12 Hours per day - 6 Month Cleaning Needed

LIght Use - 2 to 6 Hours per day - 12 Month Cleaning Needed


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