HVAC Cleaning

HVAC systems get dirty over time and this results in reduced air quality. Through normal use a large amount of air pollutants ranging from dust, germs and chemicals, get pulled in to the HVAC system and recirculated multiple times per day. Combined with this the ongoing heating and cooling of these systems leads to a buildup of contaminants on the ductwork.

ACS Group provide ongoing maintenance and cleaning of all your HVAC system and ducting. This includes:

  • Surveying of your entire system to asses work required
  • Swabbing of duct surfaces to identify how contaminated they are
  • Thorough cleaning of your HVAC system in line with all legislation

This ensures that you are meeting your duty of care to your employees and keeping on the ride side of the law.



Call us today for a no obligation quote for HVAC cleaning in your premises on 01 9011624.

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